Schaerer Coffee Soul 'Select'

Tailored to your business – a new design, two models and three user interfaces.

Now more appealing than ever Schaerer Coffee Soul has a brand new design, available in two possible models. It comes with a choice of user interfaces to match your way of operating the machine: staff, self-serving guests or self-serving frequent users. Offering a wealth of modular features, it retains a compact conception and all of its quintessential qualities.


ACE, our new dedicated 1 Group precision espresso machine, perfect for small, niche venues or serious domestic barista, where a passion for coffee knows no limits.

Despite its compact footprint, the Ace has serious capacity, packing in a 2.75l steam boiler and 0.9l coffee boiler, with the added ability to utilise our power management system to increase or decrease the power consumption at will.

Schaerer Barista

The Schaerer Barista combines pure espresso pleasure and the classic flair of a portafilter machine with the skills of a barista and the convenience of a fully automatic coffee machine. It is exemplary for a perfect Italian espresso with consistent quality from cup to cup.

You will be surprised how easy it is to prepare a perfect Italian espresso with the Schaerer Barista. All you have to do is insert the portafilter and press the button – and a tasty espresso will pour straight into the cup.


Boema Coffee Machines & Conti Coffee Machines both built in France, designed and developed in Italy.


An amazing range of Swiss & Dutch engineered and crafted automatic coffee machines. 


Either conical design or flat burr blades with different material compositions and sizes to meet any Barista’s needs. 


Boema has a huge warehouse full of spare parts and accessories. All dispatched within 24 hours for your convenience. 

Catering to every coffee connoisseurs' needs

Check out below our other stocked products, that might interest you.

Bulk Brewing

Animo make premium-quality coffee machines and equipment that are user-friendly, durable and convenient to maintain.


Both Boema and Animo provide solutions for your small scale brewing requirements. With the DP3 & DP4 series from Boema, and, the M/MT-Line from Animo.


Have your beverage your way, with brands such as Elmstock, 1883 Maison Routin France Syrups, David Rio and Naked Syrups.

Water filters

Water filters can be the difference between having your espresso machine for a few years and enjoying it for 10 years or more.

Why Choose Us

At Boema, we understand the values and needs of all customers and the ever changing market. Thus, we are ever ingenious with the development of new and exciting products. Furthermore, our pricing is competitive and fair, with our entire range catering to various businesses from small, medium and large.

Contact us today to get expert advice on what solution suits your needs best.


Established in 1956 and spanning 3 generations, we have the knowledge and tools for any requirement.

Spare Parts

Fast prompt and friendly service. All orders are dispatched in 24 hours. Largest range available for any machine.


In our premium machines we use multi-boiler technology. Lowering of energy consumption and operational costs.

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