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Coffee Brewers

Animo M-Line


Coffee makers for delicious filter coffee

With M-line coffee makers you can easily and quickly brew fresh coffee directly into a glass jug. The brewing time is about 6 minutes for 15 cups (1 jug). The self-regulating hot plates ensure that the coffee is always at the correct temperature.


The M-line includes both manual filling machines and machines with water connection. In addition, the equipment can be supplied with a hot water tap. The use of synthetic material combined with stainless steel gives the machine a striking and contemporary look, which makes them very attractive in appearance.

Animo equipment is very simple to operate. Smart options lead to a hassle-free, tasty result. This makes it fun to be the host.

Want to keep coffee warm? The heating plates are perfect for maintaining the temperature of the coffee.

Boema_M-Line with Hot Water Tap - M202W

Manual filling or with water connection

  • Also available with seperate hot water tab
  • Single or double brewing capacity
  • A jug detector starts and stops the brewing process
  • Leak stop
  • Acoustic signal which indicates when the coffee is ready
  • Descale indicator
  • Easy soft keys
  • Dry boil safety guard

water filters

The best tasting coffee and espresso can only be brewed with fresh, clean water.

Our selection of water filters not only ensures the quality of your drinks, it extends the longevity of your coffee maker or espresso machine by protecting against scale and mineral buildup.

Why Choose Animo?

Founded in 1950 in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) the Animo expanded very quickly and soon opened a second production plant in Assen. In 1996 the plant in Assen became the head office. In 1991 and 1992 Animo opened own sales offices with warehouse in Belgium, Germany and France. The unique strength of Animo lies in its versatility, offering self-service or automatic coffee machines, plus the ability to provide a machine for any situation. The Animo range covers all types of coffee and tea machines. They make premium-quality coffee machines and equipment that are user-friendly, durable and convenient to maintain. Their machines deliver a wide range of fresh, hot beverages time after time. Everything from freshly ground espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato to tea, hot chocolate and instant soup. They been doing business for over 60 years in more than 75 countries worldwide. Because good coffee takes a good machine. And a good machine takes experience, expertise and dedication.

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  • boema_manual

    Operational Manual

  • boema_spareparts

    Spare Parts


the easiest way to register your machine warranty

Protecting your investment has never been easier and faster. Scan the QR code on your machine and send the details from your smart phone.


Animo Coffee Brewer with Glass Jugs BAM-M202

Coffee Brewer with 4 Glass Jugs and 4 self-regulating hot plates.

Double Brewing Capacity

Hour capacity: 224 cups

Animo Coffee Brewer with Glass Jugs and water BAM-M200W

Coffee Brewer with 2 Glass jugs and 2 self-regulating hot plates with water connection

Hour capacity coffee: 112 cups,

Hourly capacity water: 128 cups

Animo Coffee Brewer with Glass Jugs and water BAM-M202W

Coffee Brewer with 2 Glass jugs and 4 self-regulating hot plates with water connection

Hour capacity coffee: 288 cups

Hourly capacity water: 168 cups

Animo Coffee Brewer with Thermos and water BAM-MT200W

Coffee Brewer for thermos container. With a separate water boiler with no-drip tap

Hour capacity coffee: 112 cups,

Hourly capacity water: 128 cups

Airpot – 2.2L Pump

Animo Thermos Container – 2.4L


Thermos Jug Buffet


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