David Rio chai is inspired by traditional Indian milk tea, and they set out to blend eastern traditions with western style to create a Premier Chai. For centuries in India, “chai wallahs” have been brewing chai from black tea and real spices, then adding milk and honey to the final preparation. Inspired by them and western café culture, David Rio's goal is to establish a premium product using high-quality ingredients with a rich, well-balanced taste, in a unique and attractive package. Chai is the perfect median between coffee and tea, earning its rightful place on café menus, and David Rio chai is the premier chai known worldwide.

David Rio takes special pride in choosing high-quality ingredients from around the world to blend into their award-winning chai. They make their chai with freshly ground spices. Real spices, like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger, are just a few they use to commemorate chai’s traditional but dynamic flavors. They wait until just before the canisters are sealed to mix these spices into every batch of David Rio chai. So just as you pour the hot water or milk over any David Rio chai mix, the distinctive chai fragrance and flavors begin to fully bloom into a well-balanced chai right in your cup.

Elephant Vanilla™ Chai

David Rio's very first chai recipe remains as popular as ever, and is a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices like cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla.

Tiger Spice Chai®

David Rio's signature and award winning chai is a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, and clove.

Maple Moose™ Chai

Carefully crafted with a bold taste of premium spices, such as ginger, cardamom, and cloves, and incorporates the distinct aroma and flavour of real maple sugar.

Power Chai® Matcha (dairy-free)

David Rio’s (only completely) dairy-free, vegan chai is craft blended with black tea and Japanese matcha. Its rich and bold taste is enlivened with the traditional flavours of real chai spices including ginger, clove, cinnamon, star anise and cardamom. Powered with antioxidants from the matcha teas. Simply mix with milk or soy.

Orca Spice™ Sugar-Free Chai

David Rio's original sugar-free chai is a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices.

Toucan Mango™ Chai

The newest addition to the David Rio chai family is a creamy tropical mixture of mango, black tea and premium spices, like cinnamon and cardamom.
Sure to be this summer's favourite ice blended chai.

Why Choose Boema for beverages?

The Boema Coffee team is passionate about coffee and delivering unique blends of aromatic, rich flavours. Our quest differs from the other roasters by delivering the ultimate beverage menu, loose leaf tea, frappe, refreshing fruit blended drinks, exotic spiced chais and decadent chocolates.

Our team has sourced and blended beans from across the world, looking for rich aromatic tastes.

Our teas are selected from premium plantations focusing on leaf tips.

Our gourmet chocolate is heavenly and can be made into creamy mouth watering frappes.


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