Understanding How Many Shots Per Cup Size

By Carlin Gibbs | Feb 19, 2019

Knowing how many shots for different cup sizes can be a challenge for new business/ cafes; but our aim is to make this concept simple and easy for café owners to use in their own shops and get a consistent coffee. This is because consistency is always our main factor when ensuring we keep our…

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Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

By Carlin Gibbs | Feb 6, 2019

Making coffee that tastes great is one thing; but to ensure this it is also about cleaning your machine regularly to help aid in making the coffee taste great.  Cleaning can be broken into daily and weekly cleaning cycles that will allow us to keep our machine clean and prevent any bad tastes to our…

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The Ultimate Space Saving Machine

By Carlin Gibbs | Jan 22, 2019

When you have limited space the Conti CC100 Compact is the answer! For this week’s blog, we have a review on the Conti CC100 2 group Compact. This machine is perfect for the café / business who wants a coffee machine with the capabilities similar to that of every other 2 group coffee machine but…

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Consistency in Coffee: Frothing Milk

By Carlin Gibbs | Jan 15, 2019

As we mentioned earlier in previous blogs consistency is crucial to making a good coffee and the last step is Frothing Milk. Previously we’ve covered how to make the perfect espresso shot and how tamping with the right tools will aid us in making a good coffee shot. In this read we cover frothing milk…

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Tamping: How important is it for increasing consistency?

By Carlin Gibbs | Nov 19, 2018

There’s various ways a Barista can tamp their coffee and each Barista has their own unique style. So how important is Tamping to ensure consistency when extracting coffee? Over the past few years as a Barista I’ve seen many methods with tamping introduced to help Barista’s give their customers consistent and the best possible flavours…

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Grinders: Lever VS On Demand

By Carlin Gibbs | Mar 8, 2018

The battle between Lever grinders and On Demand grinders is an issue for discussion between barista’s alike. Whilst there are different models, features on each grinder everyone has a preference; yet first we must compare the two. Levers: Lever Grinder have been the go to grinder for many people due to the fact they’ve always…

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Cleaning your grinder: maintaining consistency in your coffee

By Carlin Gibbs | Feb 22, 2018

Why you should clean your grinder: Coffee over time starts to change states and if left in your grinder will eventually affect the flavours of your coffee and build up possibly causing blockages. To ensure we keep our coffee tasting its best we need to always clean our grinder with the simple steps that should/…

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Why training is an important tool for keeping consistency between your baristas

By Carlin Gibbs | Feb 9, 2018

Why training is an important tool for keeping consistency between your baristas Training is an important tool to maintain consistency between your baristas. But why? A barista is key to the success of your business as they are producing the coffee for customers. Although there are various types of baristas within the industry, training needs…

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