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LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/96yb0lc1ezc8wpg/Tech%20Documents%20%28BOEMA%29%20N.T.%20X%20ALL%20BLACK%2005.2019%20soft%201.8%20english-converted.pdf?dl=0
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Espresso coffee machines

Boema Banksia


Adjustability, power and control

Based on the incredible X-One TCi, this updated look gives a stealth appearance, with new ice-white LED's plus the latest evolution of steam systems.

No compromise is made for the best extraction of coffee with the themophyson system. Featuring adjustable flow control on each group to ensure temperature stability for coffee extractions.

The display is directly in sight and provides all information allowing the general control of the machine: information on settings, management and maintenance.


Stable group temperature

  • Full matt Black body work
  • Fast action steam actuators with purge feature
  • Perforated body work exposes the heart of the machine
  • White LED illuminated laser cut Boema logo's
  • White LED touchpads
  • IMS competition group showers and baskets
  • Cranked ergonomic portafilters
  • TCI control, allowing for the control of temperature of each group independently
  • Advanced diagnostic system

water filters

The best tasting coffee and espresso can only be brewed with fresh, clean water.

Our selection of water filters not only ensures the quality of your drinks, it extends the longevity of your coffee maker or espresso machine by protecting against scale and mineral buildup.

Why Choose Boema?

Boema espresso machines are Australian made and built for the tough and harsh conditions of Australia. Established since 1956, we are known for reliability and dependability. Their robust construction with copper boilers guarantees you exceptional coffee each time. Since Boema are manufactured in Australia, there is no need to worry about spare parts. Boema also has the most extensive network of repair agents across Australia; covering most regional cities. The current Waratah and Banksia lines, whilst not manufactured in Australia, we still provide extensive knowledge and parts for both models. 

  • Brochure

  • boema_manual

    Operational Manual

  • boema_spareparts

    Spare Parts


the easiest way to register your machine warranty

Protecting your investment has never been easier and faster. Scan the QR code on your machine and send the details from your smart phone.


Boema Banksia 2 Group BCM-300.CBX2

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frequently asked questions

Yes the Boema Banksia has shot timers to monitor consistency and espresso quality. 


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