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Machine Warranty

Espresso Machines Australia Pty Limited, ABN 98 169 764 952, T/as Boema, warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and condition. If within 12 months of purchase date, any part which our examination shows to be defective, will be replaced at no cost to the purchaser provided that the machine is either returned to our premises (freight cost to be covered by purchaser) or alternatively is accessible / available for inspection in the Sydney metropolitan area or through one of our approved or authorised Service Agents / Dealers / Suppliers in other states.

This warranty excludes certain electrical parts and perishable components such as rubber rings or water filters and will only cover parts which are proved to be defective according to our technical examination. The cost of dismantling, freight and / or travelling expenses is to be borne by the purchaser. Please refer to “Parts Warranty” section for more details.

Parts Warranty

Parts are covered by Boema for 12 months limited warranty from date of purchase, and exclude the following:

  • Seals and O rings
  • Showers and filter baskets
  • Water filter cartridges
  • Parts damaged or failing as a result of inadequate or lack of water filtration, and / or operator error or negligence
  • Installations carried out by unauthorised personnel
  • Replacement of faulty parts to be replaced by Boema or one of Boema’s authorised Dealer / Supplier / Agent.

Labour Warranty

Service warranty is valid for 6 months either by Boema or their Dealers / Suppliers / Agents. This is determined at the time of purchase and any additional agreements which took place during the selling process.

Boema does not cover at any time the following:

  • Travel time / expenses to and from the location of the machine
  • Other warranties which are covered by the Dealer / Supplier / Agent without the Boema explicit concern
  • Incomplete or improper installation or set-up of the machine(s)

Boema reserves the right to determine based on the product service history (if available), and also previous experiences, whether the service charges are adequate and within the industry standards norms and may, at their own discretion, choose a different “Service Contractor / Agent” to deal with the warranty issues at any time.

Warranty parts to be replaced by Boema after checking the faulty parts by a Boema authorised Technician.


  1. This warranty does not apply to the product(s) if it has been subject to misuse, neglect, alteration, accident, fire or damage how so ever caused.
  2. These warranties do not extend to cover consequential loss, damage, claims or liabilities of any kind arising from any cause whatsoever, liability for which is hereby expressly excluded, and they are in lieu of any warranties and conditions expressed or implied by law or any persons to act on our behalf, all of which are hereby expressly excluded.
  3. It is a condition of the warranties that the installation of any product(s) be carried out by competent and qualified installers authorised by Boema or an authorised Agent, Dealer or Supplier, and no responsibility is accepted by Espresso Machines Australia Pty Limited or any of their distributors or agents, for damages caused through incorrect installation or any misuse whatsoever.
  4. These warranties shall be considered void if any repairs or alterations are carried out at any time by persons other than those specified or working with the permission and authority of Espresso Machines Australia Pty Limited.
  5. Warranty work is to be performed inside our normal business hours i.e. Monday to Friday 7:30AM to 4:00PM excepting Public Holidays. A surcharge is payable outside these times.
  6. Travel expenses are not covered under warranty and are to be borne by the purchaser.
  7. Parts covered under warranty will be supplied on a charge basis with a credit given on return of the faulty part.
  8. Should the unit purchased not be plumbed into a water supply, be it a non-fixture or detachable item, it should be returned to the point of purchase before warranty work will be performed.
  9. Inadequate or lack of water filtration system may void warranty
  10. Where required the customer may need to install, at their own cost, a 350 KPA Pressure Limiting Valve.
  11. Boiler cleanouts necessary due to dirty water inside the tank are the result of incorrect use and not covered by warranty.
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