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Consistency in Coffee: Frothing Milk

As we mentioned earlier in previous blogs consistency is crucial to making a good coffee and the last step is Frothing Milk. Previously we’ve covered how to make the perfect espresso shot and how tamping with the right tools will aid us in making a good coffee shot. In this read we cover frothing milk…

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Tamping: How important is it for increasing consistency?

There’s various ways a Barista can tamp their coffee and each Barista has their own unique style. So how important is Tamping to ensure consistency when extracting coffee? Over the past few years as a Barista I’ve seen many methods with tamping introduced to help Barista’s give their customers consistent and the best possible flavours…

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Grinders: Lever VS On Demand

The battle between Lever grinders and On Demand grinders is an issue for discussion between barista’s alike. Whilst there are different models, features on each grinder everyone has a preference; yet first we must compare the two. Levers: Lever Grinder have been the go to grinder for many people due to the fact they’ve always…

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Cleaning your grinder: maintaining consistency in your coffee

Why you should clean your grinder: Coffee over time starts to change states and if left in your grinder will eventually affect the flavours of your coffee and build up possibly causing blockages. To ensure we keep our coffee tasting its best we need to always clean our grinder with the simple steps that should/…

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Choosing the right Coffee Grinder for your café/ business.

When it comes to searching for Coffee Grinders for your business it can be a complicated task. There are a range of questions to ask before beginning your research of the coffee grinder you need such as: what grinder do I need to suit my business and will it accommodate future growth so I do…

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