Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

cleaning coffee

Making coffee that tastes great is one thing; but to ensure this it is also about cleaning your machine regularly to help aid in making the coffee taste great.  Cleaning can be broken into daily and weekly cleaning cycles that will allow us to keep our machine clean and prevent any bad tastes to our coffee.


Daily Cleaning:

This daily cleaning cycle consists of back flushing your machine with Mr Boema (Coffee Cleaner) once with the powder and 2 water rinses. How we do this is buy using the Automatic cleaning cycle on our machine with the blind filters.


The next step after our cleaning cycle is done is to get a cleaning brush and clean around the group head to remove any further loose coffee so the left over coffee doesn’t burn on and create bad tastes for our next coffees.


We also need to wipe down out drip tray and steam arms to ensure that they remain clean from any residue or left over milk or coffee and keeps our machine clean.


Weekly Clean:

The weekly clean consists of soaking our Coffee Handles (Portafilters) in a bucket in Mr Boema cleaner as well for 10-15 mins remembering not to cover the handles as this over time will wear them out. This also allow us to clean off any coffee residue from the week. Using a sponge or steel wool can help us remove any left-over coffee stuck to our portafilter.


By following these simple easy steps daily and weekly you can keep your machine clean. You will also be able to ensure that the quality of your coffee will be unaffected by coffee residue that would normally be left over from not cleaning your machine daily. We use Mr Boema as our cleaner of choice but another alternative is Cafetto Evo which is an organic cleaner.


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