Cleaning your grinder: maintaining consistency in your coffee

Carlin Gibbs

Why you should clean your grinder:

Coffee over time starts to change states and if left in your grinder will eventually affect the flavours of your coffee and build up possibly causing blockages. To ensure we keep our coffee tasting its best we need to always clean our grinder with the simple steps that should/ can be done daily or after close of your business.

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Steps to clean your Coffee Grinder

  1. Close the chute of your coffee hopper. And remove the hopper putting your beans storing them in an air tight container. This ensures your beans that are left over are kept so that oxygen doesn’t dry out your coffee.
  2. Grind out whatever coffee is left in the grinding chamber this ensures that no beans are left overnight to affect the flavours (also if you have a dosing chamber it is best to empty out any ground coffee as well as ground coffee shouldn’t be left out overnight)
  3. Turn off the power to the grinder (this is necessary so we don’t turn the grinder on when cleaning.
  4. Once your coffee is ground out from the grinding chamber it is also handy if you have a plunger or a towel that you can use as a vacuum and clear out any other particles left as even in on demand grinders there can be a little bit of left over ground coffee this will prevent build-up of coffee.
  5. Clean your hopper with soap and hot water. This is to make sure that the oil residue of the coffee is cleaned off the hopper. You can leave this to dry over night or dry thoroughly with a cloth before putting it on the
  6. If you have a dosing chamber on your grinder then you can also wipe it out with a damp cloth to get any further excess coffee out.

Depending on the blade styles there can be a varied amount in the coffee that is stored a handy thing to do sometimes can using a vacuum. The reason for doing this is that it helps get any coffee we have missed when using the plunger to get any excess ground coffee out.

By keeping on top of cleaning your grinder this allows for ensuring the maximum flavour out of your coffee. There is no set amount of times you should clean your grinder it is up to you or your staff to decide on what works best; however, the more you maintain cleaning the better it will be for your grinder in the long run.

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