Consistency in Coffee: Frothing Milk


As we mentioned earlier in previous blogs consistency is crucial to making a good coffee and the last step is Frothing Milk. Previously we’ve covered how to make the perfect espresso shot and how tamping with the right tools will aid us in making a good coffee shot. In this read we cover frothing milk and how the final element can make or break our coffee.

These days there are a variety of milks from full cream to almond milk as well as various brands, these all froth differently and have different heat temperatures which we get to soon, but no one milk is the same. Now I’m not advocating for specifics milk but the better-quality milk you use the better result of your coffee.

There are some considerations that we need to consider when we froth milk as well these are:

1: Using enough milk for the right cup size so grouping is essential. What does this mean? This means that for an 8oz cup for example we would use a milk jug that is a 150ml/ 200ml milk jug. So that we aren’t wasting any milk and ensuring we can have our milk silky and smooth, which in turns allows us to pour a presentable coffee.

2: When we’re frothing our milk, we want to create a vortex that will combine our milk and stretch it so that the proteins in the milk combine together and give us a silky smooth and shiny texture that ensures there is no large bubbles in the milk that will affect how our coffee will taste.

3: The temperature that we want to heat our milk to depends on the milk we are using here are some temperature ranges that can be used as a guideline

Full cream, Skim & Light milk – 65 degrees

Almond, Soy, Coconut, Macadamia & Lactose Free Milk (Alternative Milks) – 55 degrees

The reason why we heat Alternative milks to a lower temperature is due the consistency and these milks tend to have a lower boiling point then regular milk.

These three factors when frothing milk can provide the difference to the quality of milk you’ll serve in your coffee as if this element doesn’t fit in with the espresso shot then it will give a different taste to what it is meant to and could affect customer’s perceptions of your blend.

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