Conti cc100

Efficient to produce high quality drinks, reliable to increase life time of the machine at competitive costs. New CC100 is the ideal partner for your coffee business.


water filters

The best tasting coffee and espresso can only be brewed with fresh, clean water.

Our selection of water filters not only ensures the quality of your drinks, it extends the longevity of your coffee maker or espresso machine by protecting against scale and mineral buildup.

X-ONE TCi 2 G TC rouge copie

Conti X-one TCi

Thanks to the exclusive TCI system, the X-one TCI guarantees very high steam performance while taking care of the quality of the coffee provided. Its ability to easily adapt to all types of coffees extracting their quintessence is a major asset.


the easiest way to register your machine warranty

Protecting your investment has never been easier and faster. Scan the QR code on your machine and send the details from your smart phone.

Conti Monte Carlo

Our incredible multi boiler flagship, incorporates years of design and research into one beautifully modelled machine.

Conti-Monte tailor made wood

Conti Monte Carlo Tailor Made

Building on the same platform as the base Monte Carlo, the tailor made asks you to Differ, Create and Innovate. You give your imagination, we make it a reality.

Conti ACE

ACE, a 1Grp precision espresso machine, perfect for small, niche venues
or serious domestic barista, where a passion for coffee knows no limits.

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