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Generally, for most of our items processed out of warehouse, it takes between 2-3 business days. The exception of our larger items such as Coffee Machines please allow 2-5 business days (depending on location domestically). The cost of shipping is set at a minimum of $20 via Startrack for all orders, however, it may increase due size, weight and location of the end customer.


With Schaerer Coffee Link you are able to optimize your processes
around the management and operation of your coffee machines:
• Integrated data basis for all product and process data as cornerstone for sustainable business models
• Efficient, comprehensive and centralized management of your professional coffee machines
• Digital solutions to increase the profitability of your coffee business
• Sales and turnover figures are accessible at any time from any location
• Sending of e. g. demand-related advertising directly to the display of the coffee machines
• Access to and analysis of machine information, such as service information and error messages – anytime and from anywhere
• Linking of errors and suggestions for solutions based on our long time experience
• Optimization of service and maintenance management
• Basic functions and further applications especially for the coffee business

We give you all information you need to optimize your coffee business. Other manufacturers often only use the collected data to optimize their own service network.


Most people are unaware that the cleanliness of a machine can affect the taste of the product. You can run the risk of tainting the product if not properly maintained and treated with sufficient chemicals and water supply. Cleaning should become a daily ritual, with the standard backflush. However, depending on daily output, you can hold off doing a thorough clean and make it a once to twice a week task.

Click here to read our Blog about how to Clean your coffee machine.


A water filtration system filters out impurities and undesirable dissolved and undissolved substances that are in water. Depending on what is required to be filtered out, there are many different types of water filter systems that can be used to filter out different substances. Water filtrations systems typically are made up of different cartridges that filter out the different substances. It is these cartridges that can be mixed and matched to make a water filtration system.


A good extraction time for a 30ml shot of coffee is in the 27-30 second range. Measure your extraction time from the moment the button is pressed till the extraction of the shot is finished. Anything under 15 seconds is going to be thin and bitter. Thus, anything beyond the 35 second mark will have a burnt taste. 


Choosing the right coffee roast is all about finding the flavours and aromas that fit your personal preference. Lighter roasts are light-bodied with delicate fruit and floral flavours and high acidity, medium roasts are full-bodied with balanced flavour and a subtle sweetness, and dark roasts are robust, with cocoa and caramel flavour notes and very low acidity. At Boema, we cater for the entire roast profile to suit your requirements. 


As we have multiple versions and styles of machines in stock, we request that a picture or serial number be sent via email to best cater to your requirements.


Parts warranty:
Parts are covered by Boema for 12 months limited warranty from date of purchase, and exclude the following:
- Seals and O rings
- Showers and filter baskets
- Water filter cartridges
- Parts damaged or failing as a result of inadequate or lack of water filtration, and / or operator error or negligence
- Installations carried out by unauthorised personnel
- Replacement of faulty parts to be replaced by Boema or one of Boema’s authorised Dealer / Supplier / Agent.

Labour warranty:
Service warranty is valid for 6 months either by Boema or their Dealers / Suppliers / Agents. This is determined at the time of purchase and any additional agreements which took place during the selling process.
Boema does not cover at any time the following:
- Travel time / expenses to and from the location of the machine
- Other warranties which are covered by the Dealer / Supplier / Agent without the Boema explicit concern
- Incomplete or improper installation or set-up of the machine(s)

Boema reserves the right to determine based on the product service history (if available), and also previous experiences, whether the service charges are adequate and within the industry standards norms and may, at their own discretion, choose a different “Service Contractor / Agent” to deal with the warranty issues at any time.

Warranty parts to be replaced by Boema after checking the faulty parts by a Boema authorised Technician.

Visit our Warranty page to learn more and register your machine. 


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