Grinders: Lever VS On Demand

Carlin Gibbs

The battle between Lever grinders and On Demand grinders is an issue for discussion between barista’s alike. Whilst there are different models, features on each grinder everyone has a preference; yet first we must compare the two.


Lever Grinder have been the go to grinder for many people due to the fact they’ve always worked on one and prefer it. Being a lever grinder when coffee is ground by the burrs (conical or flat) go from the hopper to where the coffee is stored within a dosing chamber. to which it is then dispensed so to say by the lever mechanism on the dosing chamber into the group handle.

On Demand:

On Demand Grinders, very simply as they say grind on demand meaning coffee is ground from the hopper through the grinding chamber into the group handle. The benefit of this is coffee is ground fresh every time and is dispensed to the time and amount you set for your coffee parameters.

So, what’s better?

 It’s all up to personal preference at the end of the day. I myself prefer on demand grinders as this allows me for quicker service speeds and accuracy. Being able to serve you coffee at its best is crucial and with an on demand I’m keeping my coffee at its best longer than what I would with a lever grinder; this is because the coffee once ground has a quicker rate of staling and losing its optimum flavours. With an On-Demand grinder as well you can weigh and adjust time settings a lot easier than you would be able to in a lever as it you aren’t pulling the lever the same time every time this will affect how your coffee shot.

The aim in coffee is to increase our consistency and accuracy, with weighing our doses and need for speed, I always tend to lean towards on demands. The choice however is yours at the end of the day, deciding what works best for you and is going to be an asset to improving the quality of the coffee served in your business.


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