With sixty years of experience in the coffee vending machine industry, you won’t find many companies that know more about providing you with a quick and delicious cup of coffee than Boema.

Their two new products, the Animo OptiVend and the Animo OptiBean are set to continue this tradition. They promise to give your hotel, canteen or event room great tasting coffee at the push of a button.

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The Animo OptiVend uses instant coffee and powdered milk to provide a fast and easy solution that is simple to install, operate and maintain.

The Animo OptiBean, on the other hand, promises to give you a quick, great cup of coffee, made from fresh beans that are ground in front of you, at the push of a button.

Both machines have a milk system that can add milk to the delicious tasting coffee. This means you will have almost as many coffee options as if you had a real barista working at your office, school or sports club.

The problems with many automatic vending machines are twofold.

The first problem is an age old problem, time. We have all been to business events or meetings where at every break everyone rushes straight for the coffee machine. This causes queues and can reduce productivity.

Amino’s products, however, promise to deliver a cup of coffee as quickly as possible. Using instant coffee the OptiVend offers the quickest solution, although even the OptiBean can deliver coffee made with fresh beans in only 35-40 seconds. Basically, both products will allow you to supply your customers with their coffee fix in next to no time at all.

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The second problem is one of milk. With normal milk systems, you need to take care of things like cleaning, refrigeration and frequently topping up the supply.

OptiVend and OptiBean, however, use powdered milk. This will keep for a week or two and one refill will be able to produce around 60-70 cups of coffee. The person in charge of the machine simply has to keep the milk powder topped up.

One of the preconceptions people have about powdered milk is that the milk’s flavor isn’t as good as good real milk. However, milk powder has come a long way since its early days and it will produce a cup of coffee that is really close to what you would expect from one made with real milk.


Furthermore, nowadays you can even get different types of powdered milk including a cappuccino topping which gives your coffee milk foam like you would find with a barista made cappuccino.

With each product they produce Boema promise to use every ounce of their sixty years of experience in the coffee industry to give you the best cup of coffee possible. They research all their products to make sure that each one is the best possible version of the product.

Their overall aim essentially boils down to finding out exactly what their customer needs and making a tailored product to suit these circumstances.

Both the Animo OptiVend and OptiBean promise the following things:

  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Cleanliness
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use

Basically, with the minimum of upkeep, buyers of the OptiVend of OptiBean coffee machines will be able to provide their customers with a range of great tasting coffee throughout the day.


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