Quality with Style and Features: The Conti Monte Carlo

Carlin Gibbs

Chasing Quality, Style and the features to match can prove difficult when searching for a new machine. There are a range of options to choose from but one that stands out from the rest is the Conti Monte Carlo!

Boema Conti Monte Carlo lights


You may be asking Why? How? What makes this machine special?

To begin with this machine has been designed with the barista in mind. Its multi boiler technology and pre-infusion system provides quality instantly. Each group head in the Monte Carlo has its own boiler separate to the main steam boiler, this key feature makes it easy for high volume cafes to keep consistency of the coffee extraction temperature. The pre-infusion system provides consistency in being a soft infusion rather than a normal infusion allowing for maximum flavour out of your coffee.

Boema Conti Monte Carlo steam lever

As a Barista, I know that ergonomics is an important factor to make the job easier, the Conti Monte Carlo has kept this in mind in its design with how it has

  • Stylish Lights to light up the work area
  • Retractable Coffee steps to allow for Tall cups and espresso cups
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands
  • Programmable Coffee Boiler Temperatures
  • Quarter Turn Steam Levers

Monte Carlo 2 Group Boema

The stylish lights of the Monte Carlo make it easy to work on the machine especially if you are in a low lighting café, being able to see you work is key. The Retractable Coffee steps allow you to fit a range of cups under you group head from 16oz take away cups to your espresso cups the reason being to allow you to bring your shot closer if it is a smaller cup so you don’t have to worry about holding it closer to the group head if it is a smaller cup.


When you’re busy in the café setting, it can be easy to burn yourself on the steam wand if you aren’t careful. With the Monte Carlo, it enables you to stress less about this due to its cool touch steam wands.  Along with its cool touch steam wands, the quarter turn steam levers allow for ease of frothing milk without having to turn a knob on and off which can create RSI.


The machine also has programmable temperature settings on individual coffee boilers which allows you as the barista to set your temperatures based on the roast of your coffee providing a consistent extraction and bringing out the maximum flavours of your coffee!

Conti Boema

Other features of the Monte Carlo are:

  • 2 Hot Water Taps that you can program Temperatures and Volumes
  • Competition Stainless Steel IMS Baskets
  • Teflon Coated Group Handles
  • Individual Shot timers for Coffee Groups
  • Touch Screen with display of main Machine Parameters


If you’re looking for a machine that has the features, is stylish and provides quality then the Conti Monte Carlo is the machine for you! Why not come see us for a demonstration today!

Carlin Gibbs

A passionate coffee enthusiast. Dedicated to helping share my knowledge as a Barista and coffee lover with the community!

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