Our Recent Trip To HOST 2017 Milan

Carlin Gibbs

Just recently at the beginning of the month we were fortunate enough to visit the HOST show in Milan, where we caught up with suppliers and friends a like from the industry. The HOST show is renowned for being one of the largest trade shows for suppliers in Europe only happening every 2 years spanning across 22 halls which allowed us to check out what’s new, innovative and the trends happening within the industry of coffee machine and coffee grinders!


So, what did we find that’s new, cool and innovative?

Some exciting and new products from Schaerer who are celebrating 125 years in coffee machine technology are the Schaerer Barista, Club and Soul. We’ve been excited with the arrival of the barista as this machine allows anyone to be able to become a barista with the same look and feel as traditional coffee machine; only this has a few twists in the sense of its auto milk frothing to any style, automatic grinding and tamping into the group handle all at the push of a button.


The Club is a machine designed for 60 to 80 cups and is perfect for offices, show rooms, and meeting rooms wanting quality coffee without the compromise on taste and quality. With it integrated milk system and easy cleaning it was no wonder it got a lot of interest at the show!

Another product that got a lot of attention was the Schaerer Coffee Soul perfect for Hotels, Convenience Stores, Hospitals, and anywhere that coffee is needed 24 hours a day. Designed with best foam technology it allows for the user to have quality coffee with milk a milk quality as superior as a barista.


Another company celebrating an anniversary is Conti, who were celebrating their 60th Birthday in which the released a limited edition true multi boiler lever coffee machine in which only 60 were made! The machine looks stunning and would be awesome to work on! We also got to see some cool customised Monte Carlo’s the detail and effort that went into these machines were fantastic!



A statement from Animo that we loved was “it’s not about the initial cost of purchasing an Animo machine; it’s about the cost of ownership and over the long run this works out to be cheaper than any other competitor”. This statement resonates well here at Boema as we believe being able to reduce your costs on your machine without compromising your quality is key when operating a business. The team at Animo have some great products such as the Optivend and Optibean that you can check out here at Boema!


The Eureka Grinders team have been playing around with new technologies, colours and innovations that we can’t wait to see officially released! We love the high-speed grinders that eureka team available and you can see from us here at Boema. Whether you are a small take away shop to a high-volume café we have the grinders for you that will meet your needs and leave you impressed!



It was a great visit to Milan HOST 2017 to see what is new and innovative in the industry, we’re looking forward to being able to show you the range of products that we have here at Boema that you can come and check out any time to find out what best suits your Café, Restaurant, Office, Hotel or Clubs. Until Next time!


The Boema Team.

Carlin Gibbs

A passionate coffee enthusiast. Dedicated to helping share my knowledge as a Barista and coffee lover with the community!

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