All Schaerer machines are produced with green sustainability as we strive to meet economic, environmental and social needs from the sourcing of materials to the technology used to power management systems.

Schaerer Coffee Barista

The Schaerer Barista machine is perfect for producing consistent coffee for automated processes with theatre and flare of a traditional machine.

Schaerer Coffee Prime

Schaerer Coffee Prime has got one of the easiest cleaning milk systems in the industry, no cleaning agent, no cleaning water, no cleaning time, just exchange a disposal NcFoamer once a week for a complete and hygienic system clean.  

Schaerer Coffee Club

Style and elegance in a small design all while making a big impact on your coffee experience.

Schaerer Coffee Soul

Define the way you make coffee! The Schaerer coffee soul allows you to orchestrate the best coffee experience.
Both hot and cold.

Schaerer Coffee Vito

Small restaurants, bars, offices, cafés and kiosks: wherever outstanding quality and simple operation are the order of the day, the Schaerer Coffee Vito is the perfect choice.

Schaerer Coffee Art Best Foam

Barista inside. Best foam means you can create hot or cold beverages with the appearance of professionally made foam, with a push of a button.

Shaerer Coffee Art

Schaerer Coffee Art and put you at the leading edge of the modern world of coffee by giving you access to a multitude of possibilities.

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Service & Warranty

Fill in the form & send. We will organise the closest service agent to contact you. It is important that we have your serial number and Model.

Spare Parts

Fast prompt and friendly service. All orders are dispatched in 24 hours; we have an extensive range for Boema, Conti, Schaerer, Eureka and Gino Rossi. We also carry a range for most Major Espresso Machines.

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