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Automatic coffee machines

Schaerer Coffee Skye


The new Schaerer that goes everywhere.

Take the Schaerer quality and variety anywhere you need to. Just wheel in your new Schaerer Coffee Skye: its internal water tank allows you to serve the full range of Schaerer’s top-quality coffee and milk-based beverages virtually everywhere. All you need is a power connection, and a party to cater for!

New Pure Foam milk system

A milk pump system with a controlled temperature that can supply hot milk & hot milk foam, as well as cold milk, to offer a wide variety of beverage options. Hot milk and milk foam dispensing temperature is consistent and ranges from 50 °C to 70 °C. The milk foam is homogenous, creamy & fine-pored with a foam content of up to 60%. No resources are wasted since there is no need for pre or post-treatment with water. The system has a very small internal volume and needs very little water for rinsing and cleaning.

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Take the Schaerer quality and variety everywhere.

  • Recommended daily output of up to 180 cups
  • 8.0” touch screen display
  • Single grinder with 750 g bean hopper volume and Manual inlet (“Decaf”)
  • Hot water on the left
  • Functional illumination (left & right of the central outlet)
  • Black housing and splash zone with red or black design elements
  • Manual outlet with single/double coffee spout including relief chamber
  • Internal water tank with closed and monitored drip tray

water filters

The best tasting coffee and espresso can only be brewed with fresh, clean water.

Our selection of water filters not only ensures the quality of your drinks, it extends the longevity of your coffee maker or espresso machine by protecting against scale and mineral buildup.

Why Choose Schaerer?

Schaerer bean to cup fully automatic machines from Switzerland. They are renowned for their Swiss quality, reliability and dependability using sustainable technology. In all areas of our machines we seek solutions that meet environmental , social, and economic needs by giving preference to materials with a good ecological and sustainable balance. Schaerer constantly researches and develops new technology so that we can produce the maximum amount of coffee enjoyment with the minimum consumption of power. Whether it be the corner store, office, self-service buffet or high output club. Schaerer offers the ideal coffee machine for any requirement.

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the easiest way to register your machine warranty

Protecting your investment has never been easier and faster. Scan the QR code on your machine and send the details from your smart phone.


10.4-inch Touchscreen
Functional Panel lighting
1 Grinder bean hopper with 1200g capacity
1 Powder system
Best foam (Twin milk)
1 Hot water boiler 2kW or 3kW for coffee or tea
Hot water dispensing (central or left)
Uptime! Descaling system
Schaerer Coffee Link connectivity
Feet Extension
Integrated Grounds Container Disposal (550g)
Under Counter Grounds Disposal
W: 330 D: 576 H: 730 (W: 582 (with Milk System))
Weight: 55kg

All above specifications
2 Grinders
Espresso Grinding Disc
Electrical grinder adjustment
Hot & Cold
Brewing Accelerator
Additional Water for Americano

frequently asked questions

All connections required for the installation are accessible from the front (main power, add-on devices, fixed water connection, waste water drain). No tools are needed to remove the connection piece for the waste water hose. Under counter device – simple hose mounting without dismantling the side walls.


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