The Ultimate Space Saving Machine


When you have limited space the Conti CC100 Compact is the answer!

For this week’s blog, we have a review on the Conti CC100 2 group Compact. This machine is perfect for the café / business who wants a coffee machine with the capabilities similar to that of every other 2 group coffee machine but needs to save space on their bench. The Conti CC100 compact 2 group fits next to a grinder with ease. It has a high group making it easy for 16oz takeaway cups to fit underneath the group heads which is standard on the Conti range as opposed to most machines in the market.

We Gave it a Test


We put this machine to the test recently at a function for a customer who required a machine and grinder to fit on a bench space of 800mm. The CC100 was able to have a grinder next to it and room either side for placing some cups and milk jugs. This machine stood up to the challenge as it held steam pressure and made coffee with ease due to its 7L boiler. When bench space is minimal we found that by having the CC100 as the machine of choice as opposed to a one group machine, it will allow you to ensure speed of service of coffee to your customers due to having a two group machine.


If you’re looking for a Coffee machine but have limited space on your bench and want to find out more, contact us today!

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