Understanding How Many Shots Per Cup Size

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Knowing how many shots for different cup sizes can be a challenge for new business/ cafes; but our aim is to make this concept simple and easy for café owners to use in their own shops and get a consistent coffee. This is because consistency is always our main factor when ensuring we keep our customers happy and coming back.


Make sure you know your cup sizes:

The first part is to know what cup sizes you are going to use and make sure that you have here (dine in) cups match your take away cups so you can keep the shots for each size consistent so there is little confusion for baristas when making coffee.  Most cafes these days tend to have espresso/ piccolo cups (4oz), a small latte, cap and flat white cups (8oz) and a large size of 12oz. though there is an exception of 16oz cups or extra-large cups for those who prefer larger sizes.


How many shots for each size?

The easiest way I learnt for how many shots per size was simple, for 4oz cups a ristretto (20-25ml) shot works best for piccolo’s and macchiato’s, yet for espresso we want to do a full shot (30ml). This ensures flavour is there but we aren’t overpowering the coffee to milk ratio. For 8oz cups we use a single shot (30ml) as this ensures our milk to coffee ratio and gives a balanced cup of coffee; however, if customers want added strength then we use a double shot (60ml) to give it some strength. For 12oz cups a double shot (60ml) is used as we want to give some strength to our cup as the milk to coffee ratio if it is a single shot (30ml).

Depending on if a customer wants their coffee weaker or stronger we can always add or take away a shot. For those who use 16oz cups there are two ways around this for shots in the cup either being a double shot if you want to keep it easy or make 16oz cups a triple shot (90ml) which is a double and a single shot of coffee to add some strength behind it.


If you follow this simple guide then you’ll be able to serve consistent coffee with ease and make sure that your customers come back satisfied every single time. We hope that this is handy for your café/ business and like, comment, share with your fellow coffee friends! Until next time guys!

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