Understanding How Many Shots Per Cup Size

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Achieving café consistency is paramount for coffee shop owners, especially when catering to new customers. We understand that determining the right coffee shot quantities for different cup sizes can be challenging, so our goal is to simplify this concept to ensure a consistent coffee experience in your café. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this guide will help you keep your patrons coming back for more.

Know Your Cup Sizes:

Begin by identifying the cup sizes you’ll use, ensuring that your dine-in cups match your takeaway cups. Consistency in shot quantities is crucial, minimizing confusion for your baristas during coffee preparation. Common cup sizes include 4oz (espresso/piccolo), 8oz (small latte, cappuccino, and flat white), and 12oz (large). Some cafes also offer 16oz or extra-large options for those who prefer larger servings.

Determining Shot Quantities:

Determining how many shots to use for each cup size can be straightforward. For 4oz cups (used for piccolos and macchiatos), a ristretto shot (20-25ml) works best, while a full shot (30ml) is ideal for espresso. This balance ensures rich flavor without overwhelming the coffee-to-milk ratio.

For 8oz cups, a single shot (30ml) provides a well-balanced coffee-to-milk ratio. However, if customers prefer a stronger brew, a double shot (60ml) can be used to enhance the strength of the coffee.

In 12oz cups, opt for a double shot (60ml) to impart strength while maintaining the desired milk-to-coffee ratio. Depending on customer preferences for weaker or stronger coffee, shots can be adjusted accordingly. For 16oz cups, you have two options: either use a double shot for simplicity or make it a triple shot (90ml) by combining a double and a single shot for a more robust flavor.


By following this straightforward guide, you’ll be well-equipped to serve consistently satisfying coffee. Your customers will appreciate the quality and uniformity of their coffee experience, ensuring their return to your café. We hope you find this information valuable for your café or business. Please like, comment, and share with your coffee-loving friends! Until next time!

nowing how many shots for different cup sizes can be a challenge for new business/ cafes; but our aim is to make this concept simple and easy for café owners to use in their own shops and get a consistent coffee. This is because consistency is always our main factor when ensuring we keep our customers happy and coming back.

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