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Water Filters



Watermark stamp of approval

Unlike many of the water filtration systems in the market today our products have achieved the Watermark stamp of approval. The Watermark is an Australian/ New Zealand standard which if attained means that you have the assurance that the water filtration systems can withstand Australian high water pressure conditions and provides you the assurance of a quality product.

At Xsential they understand the necessity for clean water and therefore we strive to provide the best advice and solutions to our clients. It is in this close working environment with our customers that we conduct our own R&D leading to new products being established for our customers benefit.


Quick cartridge system

  • Snap on fittings for quick install and service
  • Removes coarse and fine particles (physical sediment) from water and purifies.
  • Improves the overall drinking quality of the water.
  • Reduces the Total Hardness, preventing the build-up of limescale and gypsum deposits.
  • Optimises water for coffee production, allowing users to produce full-bodied and aromatic espresso, reducing the elements that negatively affect aroma and taste.
Why Choose XSential?

Xsential Pty Ltd specialises in providing water filtration systems for catering equipment. Xsential has been reliably servicing the water filtration needs of the catering industry since 2002. They're expertise is in providing protection for combination ovens, dishwashers, ice makers and coffee machines. Presently we are an importer and wholesale distributor of a broad range of water filtration systems which provide water treatment solutions for most catering equipment.

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    Operational Manual


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The AXF5-TS is a triple action filter system which removes dirt and particles, will improve taste and odour, remove chlorine and also reduce scale build up. This is the perfect filtration system for use in coffee machines with low volume usage and with low level hardness and low level of chlorides in the mains water.

Quadro H200

It is important to know that coffee is 99% water and it is the most important element which coffee brewers should consider when making a good quality coffee. If the water used doesn’t taste and smell right, then don’t use it. QuadRO-H200 Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification technique that reduces the quantity of total dissolved solids (TDS) in water. TDS can affect the taste of water (e.g. salinity). QuadRO-H200 utilise its built pressure pump to push raw wastewater against a special semi-permeable membrane. It is essentially a molecular squeezing process which causes water molecules to separate from the contaminants. The separated clean water molecules then pass through to the inside of the membrane on to a holding reservoir. The contaminants are washed from the membrane and disposed. QuadRO H200 has been proven to provide total protection for coffee machines as well as produces best water for making coffee for many years.




Flow Rate: 7.5 L/min

Capacity: 25,000 litres

Micron Rate: 5

Ports (inlet/outlet): 15mm

Max. Temperature: 38oC

Min. Pressure: 172 kPa

Dimension: 80 mm (dia) x 300 mm (H)


150kPa - 600kPa

750 L/Day

32 x 28 x 61 19 (43 x 26 cm)

Comes with pressure limiting valve, oven fittings, tubes, & installation manual

frequently asked questions

A water filtration system filters out impurities and undesirable dissolved and undissolved substances that are in water. Depending on what is required to be filtered out, there are many different types of water filter systems that can be used to filter out different substances. Water filtrations systems typically are made up of different cartridges that filter out the different substances. It is these cartridges that can be mixed and matched to make a water filtration system.


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