Established in 1956, Boema Coffee Machines has been a key influence in the Australian coffee market for over 65 years. In 1992, Boema was purchased by Geoff Gibbs and his sons, as Boema was in need of some new capital and redirection. As the decades passed Greg Gibbs, Geoff's son, is the Director and Sales manager, and has ushered the company into a new era of machine and coffee development. With the 3rd generation influence coming from his son Carlin Gibbs and son-in-law Daniel Sunjic, the company is taking new and exciting directions within the market.  

Boema 3 generations

We strongly believe that our success is due to mainly the after selling services and our solid network of agents and resellers around Australia and many different parts of the world who are all committed to supporting our brand, supply our products and provide the installation and demonstration. Our network also provides quality technical support and accessibility to spare parts in the fastest possible time.

Greg HOF golden bean

Greg gibbs

Director & Sales Manager

Golden Bean Hall of Fame Inductee

"Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with a good cup of coffee."

Daniel Sunjic

Service Manager

Janey O'Connor


Patrick Hagerty

Warehouse Manager

Catherine Felstead

Spare Parts, Administration & Service 

Golden Bean 2011

Golden Bean 2011

Milk Based (Latte) Winner Bronze Medalist

CSR Sugar Overall Winner Bronze Medalist

Chain Store/Franchise (Milk) Bronze Medalist

Golden Bean 2012

Golden Bean 2012

Chain store/coffee franchise (milk based) Bronze Medalist

Golden Bean 2013

Golden Bean 2013

Champion Decaffeinated (Latte) Bronze Medalist

Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Milk Based) Bronze Medalist 

Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Milk Based) Silver Medalist

Golden Bean 2014

Golden Bean 2014

Champion (Milk Based) Bronze Medalist

Golden Bean 2015

Golden Bean 2015

Champion Organic Espresso (Rainforest) Bronze Medalist

Champion Decaf (Decaf) Bronze Medalist 

Champion Chain Store/Franchise Milk Based (Mondiale) Bronze Medalist 

Golden Bean Hall Of Fame

Golden Bean Hall Of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductee Greg Gibbs

It was a proud industry moment seeing Greg receive this award for his outstanding achievement in the Australian Coffee Industry. 

eco responsibility


Reducing energy consumption while maintaining high performance levels is major factor considered in every development across the globe. At Boema, we took on this challenge. In our premium machines we use multi-boiler technology, as you can be using one brewing group and turn all the others off. This results in a lowering of energy consumption and operational costs. 

Along with the Multi-boiler technology, the development of an "Eco-Mode" has also added to the sustainability of our machines. The evening or before a long period of inactivity, the Eco-mode allows the machine to have a standby mode. It is maintained at a temperature of 60 degrees which allows it to save energy, but also use less energy to heat back up.

Conti Monte Carlo Machine Open

ingenuity for generations


Ingenuity is about looking at the impossible situation, and asking yourself "Can we do better". It is not about accepting the "good enough" approach, as a solution. The reason why we excel is that we look at multiple angles of approach, crafting that approach and push right on through.

The current world of today is characterized by being able to adapt to the ever changing world around us. We work and interact with our suppliers and developers to integrate systems and machines to perform better and that create an overall better user experience.

Ingenuity for generations stands for our belief in relentlessly contributing ideas and developments to all of our customers throughout the years.

Through the generations we have developed machines for the Australian market, always looking and developing the next best application. In 2007, the Maestro machine has included in its sleek design a first in milk texturing, with a toggle switch to control steam flow. This eliminates steam knobs and mechanical slides. Now we have the Monte Carlo, a sleek and powerful design that can cater for any situation with its Multi-boiler technology. Brewing groups and steam boiler work autonomously and independently from one another. This means you can turn off the groups or the boiler when they are not in use, thus saving energy while keeping the temperature constant for each extraction.


consistently great coffee

  • Italian & Greek Immigration

    With an increase of immigration to Australia, due to WWII, there was an increase in demand for good coffee. The first espresso machines were imported by the Greeks as early as 1948. 

  • 1950's


    In the 1950's, more machines were imported and the Sydney-based Boema company was among companies sourcing Gaggia machines from Italy for local distribution. 

  • 1956

    A revolution begins

    Signori Bordignon and Emer were two Italian immigrants that decided to start there own coffee business, hence, how the name Bo-ema name came to be. 

  • 1959

    Licence to Manufacture

    Rather than going down the route of licence to manufacture overseas machines, Bordignon and Emer decided to make their own. They manufactures them in the Emer Co terrazzo polishing machine factory in Alexandria, Sydney. 

  • The first lever machine

    In 1959, the first lever machine was developed around the same principles as the other imported Italian machines of the time. The original Boema machines were beautifully and classically styled with chrome and glass. The stylish, retro looks were popular at that time with the Greek and Italian themed espresso bars and cafés.

  • From 1959 to 1974


    Boema machines were installed in Sydney Cafe's and the American Lounge at Wynyard. Furthermore, Boema machines were also used at the Pasha Nightclub restaurant in Cooma during the construction of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric scheme, where thousands of European workers transformed the culture of the region. 

  • May 5, 2021

    Adjusting to the Australian Market

    Boema modified the design of their machines to suit the Australian market and taste profile. Boema raised the "group heads" so the machines could accommodate a mug, which we call a "tall cup".

  • May 5, 2021

    Change of Ownership

    In 1992 Geoff Gibbs, a retired solicitor, bought the company with his sons, after hearing that the business was in need of some new capital input and redirection. Geoff fell in love with the idea of owning a piece of Australian business history connected to the coffee industry.

  • The Gibbs family

    The family had a big job; injecting not only vast amounts of cash into the business, but also a lot of time, new systems, marketing and integrity. Greg Gibbs, who is the Marketing and Sales Manager for Boema, still spends many days away from the comfort of his office, visiting his agents and resellers nationally. This face to face approach to business has kept Boema as a company profitable, even with the extensive competition in the espresso machine market today. Greg knows all his resellers by face and name, which is smart, old fashioned business loyalty.

  • The Maestro

    Boema architects have again shown their ingenuity, with the development of some world first innovations.

    The latest 2007 Maestro machine has included in its sleek design a first in milk texturing, with a toggle switch to control steam flow. This eliminates steam knobs and mechanical slides. The machine can also be fitted with a patented tea exchange unit, that has a separate exchange unit so that the temperature of the brew head is not affected when water is drawn for tea. Much to the delight of the modern day barista, the steam wand and tip has been improved to accommodate a smoother milk texturing system.

  • A new Generation of Products

    Just after the launch of the Boema Maestro, the owners of Boema decided to look at the different avenues of the coffee industry. 

    They partnered with European manufacturers Conti, Schaerer, Eureka and Animo to further diversify an already great line of products.

  • The introduction of the Monte Carlo

    The Conti Monte Carlo was introduced as our premium line on espresso machines. The Monte Carlo comes in a 2 & 3 Group format to cater for all needs and also features multi-boiler technology. 

  • The New Schaerer Coffee Select Soul

    Schaerer has released a new update on the already popular Schaerer Soul, with now a 10 & 12 inch screen option and much much more. 


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