It was two Italian immigrants who decided, back in 1956, that the time factor involved with getting a machine made and delivered to Australia was very unworkable. This led the duo to design and build the Boema espresso machines in Australia.

The first lever machine was developed around the same principles as the other imported Italian machines of the time. The original Boema machines were beautifully and classically styled with chrome and glass. The stylish, retro looks were popular at that time with the Greek and Italian themed espresso bars and cafés.

As technology advanced in coffee machine design, so did Boema as a company. The company changed hands, with another partnership of Australian-Italians. Espresso machines became more user friendly and the styles and colours of the machines changed with each era.

Boema 1980s espresso machine Boema spent a lot of money in their early years on research and development; designing a machine that would handle the conditions of the growing (but still developing) Australian hospitality industry.

Boema designed machines very much for the way Australians of the time drank coffee. Unlike in European cafés, Australians drank lots of cappuccinos in mugs, so Boema built machines that would accommodate higher group heads – unlike the Italian espresso machine, that was designed specifically for short espresso drinks.

The year was 1992 ...

In 1992 Geoff Gibbs, a retired solicitor, bought the company with his sons, after hearing that the business was in need of some new capital input and redirection. Geoff fell in love with the idea of owning a piece of Australian business history connected to the coffee industry.

The family had a big job; injecting not only vast amounts of cash into the business, but also a lot of time, new systems, marketing and integrity. Greg Gibbs, who is the Marketing and Sales Manager for Boema, still spends many days away from the comfort of his office, visiting his agents and resellers nationally. This face to face approach to business has kept Boema as a company profitable, even with the extensive competition in the espresso machine market today. Greg knows all his resellers by face and name, which is smart, old fashioned business loyalty.

Now ...

Boema architects have again shown their ingenuity, with the development of some world first innovations.

The latest 2007 Maestro machine has included in its sleek design a first in milk texturing, with a toggle switch to control steam flow. This eliminates steam knobs and mechanical slides. The machine can also be fitted with a patented tea exchange unit, that has a separate exchange unit so that the temperature of the brew head is not affected when water is drawn for tea. Much to the delight of the modern day barista, the steam wand and tip has been improved to accommodate a smoother milk texturing system.

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