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Founded in Australia by Hilary White in 1979, Elmstock specialises in the sale of premium quality teas, sourced from all the world's major tea growing countries and regions. The fruit and herbal infusions, which are a growing part of our business, are imported from leading producers across the world.

Elmstock Tea Company has a rich tradition of continuous involvement in the tea trade spanning five generations.

Like fine wine, the quality of tea depends on climatic conditions, regional characteristics, the expertise of the plantation manager and the blender. But, also like a good wine, there is only a limited quantity of premium tea available, which is why many of the cheap supermarket teas generally lack quality. In spite of what they claim, mass produced commercial brands are 'blended down' to meet pricing competition and the consumer is therefore deprived of the best quality teas, which are only slightly more expensive.

Boema are proud to support and supply the full range of Elmstock Tea.


Tea Bags

Teabags do not necessarily give you an inferior cup of tea, it simply comes down to the quality of tea in the teabag. Elmstock provide the best quality teabags available.

We currently have 9 varieties of teabags: Ceylon Pekoe, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Chai, Peppermint, Camomile, Lemongrass & Ginger and Fruit Quencher.

ElmstockTea_8 Compartment Mahongany Box2

Gift Boxes

Dark wood mahogany style presentation chests for leaf tea or tea bags. Embossed with gold block lettering they are a popular corporate gift.

ElmstockTea_Presentation-pack 4 x 12 Herbal

Presentation Packs

Gift packs and specialty products which can be personalized for your corporate use or gifts.

ElmstockTea_Caters_Ceylon Tea Bag

Catering & Food Service

Our food-service packs are produced to give businesses, restaurants and cafes the best quality tea and teabags at competitive prices. Sealed polybags of 250 tea bags in 9 varieties which can be supplied in mixed cartons of 1000. 


Loose Leaf

We have selected tea from the finest tea gardens around the world. Boema supplies up to 100 varieties from Black Tea, Green Tea, Flavoured Tea, White Tea, and Rooibos to name a few.  

Why Choose Elmstock?

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frequently asked questions

The tea plant is one of the Camellia family (Camellia Sinensis). The leaves are stiff, shiny and pointed, and the flowers, which resemble the buttercup in shape, are white with golden stems. The plant requires a warm, wet climate with at least 135mm (50 inches) of rain a year and well drained soil. It grows at varying altitudes up to 7000 feet. Elmstock Tea Company has a rich tradition of continuous involvement in the tea trade spanning five generations. 


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