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Eureka Olympus 75 E On Demand Grinder


Style And Functionality

Olympus on-demand is the ultimate grinder born at Eureka. New but already well known for its features, synthetizes the best qualities, it has installed a 575 watt motor that moves a flat grind from 75 mm treated steel and is able to supply a portion of ground coffee in less than 2 seconds. The simplified keypad is easy to see.


The amount of ground coffee can be easily adjustable, by varying the time of grinding. A response to the need for those who daily work in the bar. A grinder who knows how to combine style and functionality, to the on-demand version with forged aluminium frame is a solid chassis to download all the efforts and the vibration of the powerful electric motor fixed to the mill and which contains all of the technology Eureka

olympus 75 e black
  • "High Speed" Grind Dispersion
  • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
  • ACE System
  • "High Speed" Maintenance
  • Blow Up System
  • "Barista Special" electronics
  • Die-cast aluminium body
  • 75mm Burrs
Why Choose Eureka?

Eureka is a reputable company which is known for its evolution and passion for supplying grinders for more than 50 years. This passion leads them to constantly providing the market with high quality products, which are both innovative with optimum grind and guarantees freshness and fragrance. Eureka grinders from Florence, Italy complement any of our traditional espresso machines. Whether you are grinding ½ kilo a day or require the power of the Mythos with its titanium blades and built in hand tamper. Eureka grinders feature micro adjustment, are easy to use and focus on getting all the aromas in your cup of coffee.

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    Operational Manual

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    Spare Parts


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Boema Eureka Olympus 75E On Demand /

Height – 637 mm

Width – 240 mm

Depth – 275 mm

Weight – 13 kg

Available versions – Electronic

Stepless micrometric adjustment – Yes

Bean hopper capacity – 1,6 kg

Productivity (g/s) – 4,5 – 5,5

Traction – Direct

Rpm – 1400

Power – 800 watt

Feeding – Single phase

Dispensing System
Display – Yes

Dose counter – Yes

Adjustable chute – Yes

Spotlight on filter holder – Yes

Type – Flat

Diameter – 75mm

Material – Hardened steel


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