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Carlin Gibbs

We are creatures of habit, that morning coffee can make or break your day so, we need our consistent coffee experience.

Today in the industry we know some businesses have:

  • A High turn-over of staff
  • Making training of all staff who make coffee difficult
  • Leading to every person who makes coffee, barista or not have a different style

So how do we achieve consistent coffee?

The answer is simple, The Schaerer Coffee Barista! This machine really is a barista inside!


Whilst the perceptions of automatic coffee machines have always been thought of as trying to replace a barista, this isn’t the case with the Schaerer Barista as this semi-automatic machine has the feel and looks of a traditional machine and takes away some inconsistencies.


Producing consistent coffee for automated processes with theatre and flare of a traditional machine

As a barista, I know for a fact that grinding and tamping can be a tricky issue with the various dosing and tamping styles that individuals have leading; ultimately leading to a variance of our coffee shot times with each shot. We can improve these inconsistencies automatically through the Schaerer Barista as it grinds, doses and tamps all in the one go with a push of the button. This feature allows for your shots to be as consistent as possible delivering a quality espresso shot every time. The reason we place so much emphasis on the coffee shot is that it is the base of all coffees and if our coffee shot isn’t producing the best quality it may hamper customer perceptions of their coffee experience.

SB Adjustment degree of grind

Whether you drink a flat white, latte or cappuccino you can control the frothing of your milk with the easy milk frothing options with the automatic steam wand that delivers the perfect amount of froth with the perfect temperature due to the sensor on the steam wand. It even froths soy, almond and lactose-free milk to perfection as well so all coffee drinkers can have perfect quality milk!

SB Mood Automatic milk foaming with Supersteam

Along with being simple to use, the cleaning cycle of the Schaerer Barista is a breeze! The Schaerer Barista automatically guides you through the cleaning cycles so all users can clean the machine rather than it being a specialised task designated to one staff member, you can even have the cleaning cycle run and be able to tend to other cleaning tasks as we all know in a busy work environment being able to multitask is essential.

Consistency for your business

If you are looking for that consistency for your business I recommend this machine for you. This machine helps.

  • Eliminates inconsistencies within the process of making coffee
  • Helps with the high turn-over of staff.
  • Friendly to all kinds of milk and milk styles
  • Easy Cleaning process

So why not check out below the video of the Schaerer Barista or even book in a demonstration and see for yourself how easy this machine is to use to optimise your coffee experience.


New Schaerer AG Barista making life easy. Saves time, wastage whilst providing consistancy. So easy to use all your staff will be able to make great coffee. #coffeelife #schaerer #coffee #boema Music provided by FrequencyTrack: Arc North – Meant To Be (feat. Krista Marina) [RetroVision Remix]Link: https://youtu.be/s18yfj_unaI• Category o Music• License o Standard YouTube License

Posted by Boema Coffee Machines on Wednesday, 28 June 2017

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